my creed

Knives like me,

You now know my location as well as how I comprehend the world from it.  Everything that I write from this point forward will most likely draw upon the same conclusions and values that I have already set forth.  We will observe the validity of my creed as it encounters life.

But before moving on, I would like to summarize the past three posts below:

Biological sex is something that isn’t our choice, but that does matter; it is our duty to comprehend the biological sex spectrum and to identify where we are on it so that we can both embrace others and our own dispositions.

Racial distinction is something that isn’t our choice and that doesn’t matter…except that we’ve made it matter by having subjugated and marginalized a people based upon race; it is our duty to recognize this paradox and address it as best we can.

Religious adherence (or lack thereof) is something that is our choice and that does matter; it is our duty to comprehend the context of other religions, and to deny them their practice when it inhibits education or threatens human dignity.

Each topic described a mechanism of expressing difference among humans for the sake of maintaining lesser communities than that to which I feel a part.  This is why I addressed each in turn: Humanity is my community.

I remember just two words from my greatest teacher: Slow down.  And that’s just what I intend to do here—slow down, observe, and share what I think with you.

Thank you for reading.
Thank you for writing.

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