i am a heterosexual male

Why is a discussion of biological sex relevant?

The reason we must speak openly about our biological sex is because it is intimately linked to the roles that we are adept at fulfilling as well as those roles that society—with seemingly infinite pressure and a total disregard for our variability—imposes upon us, and because both of these forces shape how we understand and interact with each other.

Biological sex informs our awareness and our attention; in order to obtain a more accurate description of our location (and to obtain a more accurate description of others’ locations) we must seek to comprehend the realities of biological sex.

identifying the realities of biological sex

Attentiveness is biased by society’s simplistic conceptualization of biological sex: that heterosexual males and heterosexual females are healthy developed humans, and that anything different—as evidenced by their body or by their mind—is wrong or somehow flawed.

The reality is that humans are the composite of an entire spectrum of sexed beings in body and in mind, dictated by the hormones of sexual difference.  These hormones, like all other life processes, are never dosed in perfect amounts or distributed in perfect balance throughout our development.  We, then, necessarily develop along a spectrum of biological sex—from…
feminine-primed bodies with feminine-primed brains to
feminine-primed bodies with masculine-primed brains to
feminine-and-masculine-primed bodies with feminine-primed brains to
feminine-and-masculine-primed bodies with masculine-primed brains to
masculine-primed bodies with feminine-primed brains to
masculine-primed bodies with masculine-primed brains.
This is the actual range of biological sex in humanity.  This explains the great variance of our sexed physical forms, of our sexual orientations, and of our mixed mental tendencies and abilities.

Modern society, in addition to recognizing only two variants of biological sexed development, has consequently  neglected to respect (by means of a healthy facilitation of) the very real predispositions of sexually different brains.  Therefore, when we complicate this by asserting that someone’s brain doesn’t necessarily reflect their biological sex as evidenced by their genitalia nor does it necessarily reflect a simple adherence to one biological sex or the other but rather an infinitely variable mix of the two, we encounter the great chasm of societal ignorance.

Why society is woefully uninformed about this reality is in part answered by the fact that the topic was rather nebulous until a quarter of a century ago.  Before this time, humanity was limited in its awareness by an absence of technology capable of definitively extending our reach into our own makeup and procreative process.

In addition, society seems slow to embrace and assimilate this knowledge because it threatens some of the long-standing tenets of societal institutions—namely religion and those other institutions to which it is tied—as well as some of the most profitable industries in our economy that prey upon the tendencies of our ancient minds.  By obscuring the reality of our biological sex spectrum, these institutions and industries ensure that the general public remains enslaved to the simplistic way of thinking that renders it most vulnerable.

Knowing why this simplistic conceptualization of biological sexual difference exists, we can also begin to comprehend how it continues to exist.  Those institutions and industries that derive power from our adherence have created a culture of ignorance by the very mechanisms of their operation: early admittance and ubiquitous marketing.  The industries would rather we satiate our desires than first seek to comprehend them on the off chance that our knowledge would undermine their sales; the institutions would rather we suppress our desires than seek to comprehend them on the off chance that our knowledge would undermine their teachings.  In either case, our knowledge engenders their power.

When we embrace the human mind for all of its flexibility, we can fully appreciate the intensive care it ought to receive with respect to how it develops and how it might best be facilitated in optimization.  This variability and flexibility is nature creating well-rounded individuals for a diverse and sophisticated population.  We have plenty of problems; we needn’t start calling something smart stupid.  Instead, our efforts ought to be to discern our own strengths, evaluate our possible predispositions, and determine appropriate avenues for their expression.

what i believe

All humans are subject to their environments, and so develop in great sexual variation.  No particular sexual development is greater or lesser than any other; we can exhibit great sexual difference in both physical and mental dispositions, yet remain human and deserving of a human’s dignity and opportunity.  The simplicity of biological sex as propagated in the general public is in conflict with this belief and causes undue hardship on all humans, particularly those who do not align with the overly-simplistic popularized polar categories of heterosexual male and heterosexual female.

By viewing human development with regard to an entire biological sex spectrum, I assert that sexual differences do not constitute unapproachable others.  The construct of distinct heterosexual sexes is a malicious mechanism for maintaining both a religious dogma and a senselessly inflated industry.

Comprehending human development as it truly is affords us the real template of human possibility and can be a boon toward greater knowledge about how variously-sex-developed brains best operate and how disparately developed people can better communicate with each other.

If my worldview is to embrace the entirety of humanity as my community, I simply cannot deny my biological sexual development and all of its technical implications because to do so would inhibit my knowledge of why and how I think and act, to do so would challenge my capacity for self control and my ability to reach out to others.  Because of this, I must identify with my predispositions, use their momentum, and navigate their pitfalls in my pursuit to communicate with others.

so, what am i?

I am a heterosexual male.

I reject the notion that my sexual preference is anything other than the result of a hormonal trigger.   I reject the division of humanity on the grounds of perfectly normal sexual preference differences.  I reject the notion that sexual preferences can be altered by social conditioning except in a detrimental way.

I accept a policy of equality regarding the recognition of homosexual couples as well as anti-discrimination policies concerning homosexuals and transsexuals.  I accept the adoption of an equitable policy concerning education in addressing the physically different compositions (and inherent tendencies) of different sexual brain types.

I tell you that I am a heterosexual man so that you might better comprehend the force with which I address this issue; it is entirely outside myself, yet is so pervasively evidenced in our culture that it, like a brick to my face, insults my intellect and, like a firebrand to my heart, harms those I value as responsible and loving friends.

In conclusion, I believe that the gross ignorance of the human condition with respect to its entire biological sex spectrum is perpetuated by industry and dogma for the purpose of financial gain and political control.  In addition to stigmatizing and marginalizing a significant portion of our population, it inhibits the proper recognition of self and the chance at properly identifying appropriate behaviors for all.

what are you?  what is it like?

Thank you for reading.
Thank you for writing.

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