a student of letters and learning

Knives like me,

Welcome to the whetstone of my keystrokes.  I am a student of writing and education; I want to use this platform as an exemplary compilation of my skills as I use them to communicate my life creed and to solicit yours.

To that end, I must admit that I have tried to start a blog no less than fifty times.  I write, I read, I revise, and sometimes I even publish.  Then, inevitably, I withdraw my posts before I have the confidence to share them.  They never seem right or worthwhile.

There was something simple missing.  It was this:

I will be wrong.

To address this reality, I encourage your response to anything I present.  I am bound to make mistakes in judgment as well as in prose—and that’s precisely why I’m sharing: to elicit your response, to garner your feedback and refine myself.  Without you, this is merely a pathetic personal journal.  Without you, I’m just John Doe.

If, while reading, you have any suggestions of topics you’d like me to address, then please leave them as comments on this post.

Thank you for reading.
Thank you for writing.

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